Winter 2024 – Fall 2024


Anna VanKampen

Anna is currently a junior in LSA studying Neuroscience and Sociology of Health and Medicine, and this is her sixth semester in Arts Chorale. She grew up in Holland, MI, and naturally has a severe fondness for tulips. Outside of Arts Chorale, Anna works in a neuroscience lab in MCDB, studying the effects of sleep deprivation on memory. You might find her hammocking in the diag in between classes, going on hikes in Bird Hill Park (the best park in Ann Arbor), and spending time with friends and loved ones. As president, Anna manages membership recruitment, social events, the e-board, and communication between the director, board, and Arts Chorale members. Contact Anna at vankampa@umich.edu with any questions concerning Arts Chorale, or with hike and/or music recommendations!!

Vice President

Julia Cifaldi

Julia is a freshman in the college of LSA planning on majoring in Organizational Studies, with a minor in Creative Writing! She has been singing in choir for as long as she can remember, and was president of Chamber Singers and participated in Theater in high school! She’s from a small Michigan town called Tecumseh, and in her spare time loves to play her violin in the Campus Philharmonic, work as a UROP research assistant, paint, watch Studio Ghibli movies and Twin Peaks, do Pilates, and spend time with her boyfriend Blakely. As Vice President of Arts Chorale, she is in charge of managing social media, making forms, designing programs and any odd jobs that need doing! Feel free to email her at jcifaldi@umich.edu.


Sam Chauhan

Cognitive Science and Computer Science LSA. My 2nd semester in Arts Chorale. Contact me at csanjana@umich.edu / dm me on GroupMe. Fun fact: I have every hobby under the sun and work in the math lab, WolverineSoft, and am a freelance illustrator!! Current favourite artists: Ghost, IDKHBTFM, NiN


Emma Yachnin

Emma is currently a junior in the SOE majoring in elementary education. She is from Riverside, IL, a suburb 20 minutes outside of Chicago. Outside of Arts Chorale, Emma loves reading graphic novels and Rick Riordan’s books, watching TV, learning to play the guitar, and spending time with her friends. This semester is her third semester on the board and her fourth semester in Arts Chorale overall. As secretary, Emma tracks attendance and discusses any concerns with that, as well as making sure everyone’s names are correct on the program. If you have any attendance issues or otherwise, you can contact Emma at eyachnin@umich.edu!

Music Manager

Suzy Parker

Suzy is a transfer student in STAMPS studying Art & Design. They love to make all sorts of art but their favorite mediums are photography, videography, and printmaking. This is Suzy’s 2nd semester of Arts Chorale. They grew up on the westside of the state in Holland, Michigan. Suzy loves to swim in Lake Michigan, host themed dinner parties, and create prints in the studio. As music manager, Suzy organizes sheet music and concert supplies


Malinda Brunk

Malinda is currently a sophomore in LSA studying Political Science with the hopes of being enrolled in the Ford School of Public Policy. She is a trasfer student from Michigan State University, and this is her second semester in Arts Chorale after spending the last 9 years as a choir singer. She grew up in Lake Orion, Michigan, and spent most of her childhood as a national volleyball player before deciding to take the more academic route in college. Outside of Arts Chorale, Malinda is a member of Heartbeat Acapella and serves on the Faculty Senate through the Central Student Government. She is also quite fond of her bartending/serving job back at home. You can typically find Malinda hanging out with her friends, bingeing new music playlists, drinking coffee, or making a trip home to do her laundry. As Historian, Malinda manages emails & helps with membership recruitment. Contact Malinda at mbrunk@umich.edu for any information on singing at the University of Michigan or if you’re looking for a new friend! 


Ishan Kumar

Ishan Kumar is a freshman in Computer Engineering. As webmaster, he is in charge of running and maintaining the website, along with other misc. duties such as designing T-Shirts. He loves playing music, and plays acoustic, electric, and bass guitar primarily at church. Arts Chorale is the one and only choir he’s ever been in, and it’s amazing so far. Outside of music Ishan loves tennis, video editing, and is a part of M-Fly as their Advanced Class Software Lead

​Contact AC leadership at acofficers@umich.edu